In the present era of technology and science, as we continue to create more and more labor saving machines, the old adage "Health is Wealth" holds even higher importance. If you wish to lead a happy and healthy life, exercises should form an inseparable part of your daily routine. Talking about exercises and daily routines, it's extremely difficult for you to dedicate a lot of time for your fitness in today's busy lifestyle.

If lack of time is your primary reason for not being able to keep yourself fit, this post is a must-read for you. Apart from time, the exorbitant amount of fees charged by the gyms is the other major reason for people to avoid exercises. Driving, parking and other discomforts also come along with the idea of joining a gym.

Burn Fat With Easy At Home Exercises

We're here to burst the myth that you can lose weight only by going to a gym. No! We're not providing you any magic tea or a super weight reduction diet. You can actually reduce your weight by burning excess fat and also maintain it through some simple exercises that you can do at home without the need of any sophisticated equipment and even without anyone else's assistance. So, just read through the article to know more.

Burn Fat in 2020

Try to focus on proper forms and stretching the right muscles in order to achieve the best results from these exercises. You must aim to make your exercise regimen as per your capabilities and then build up gradually. In terms of tools, all you need are a few dumbbells, a mat, some space and you're good to go! Note that the exercises listed here are not in any order of priority or effectiveness and you must choose those which suit you the best.


Exercise #1 : Push-Ups

Push-ups are one of the most versatile and flexible exercises, which can be modified as per your requirements. These can be used to give a full body workout or to focus on a particular muscle at a time. The difficulty level can also be increased through simple variations like single leg or single hand push-up. To add more challenge, you could put your feet on a raised platform like your couch or the medicine ball etc.

Exercise #2 : Squats


Just make a posture of sitting down without a chair and get up. Repeat this simple step and you'll feel your lower body getting worked up with increased heart-rate. The simple self-weight squats are one of the easiest exercises to follow, but have immense benefits as they boost your metabolism and hence burn fat faster.

Exercise #3 : Split Squats

Split Squats

If squats seem very simple and easy to you or if you want to make your exercise regimen a bit more challenging, you could add "Split Squats" to your routine. Just place one foot on a bed, bench or a chair placed behind you and sit down lunging, taking care that your other leg bends at 90 degrees. This type of squat is extremely effective for toning up your butt.

Exercise #4 : Deadlifts

Dumbbell Deadlifts

Dumbbell deadlifts aren't great only for strength and muscle building, but are equally effective in fat burning. These focus on your lower back and boost your metabolism for an enhanced rate of consuming calories.

Exercise #5 : Shoulder Press

Shoulder Press

With a dumbbell in each hand, stand keeping your feet at shoulder-width and raise both arms simultaneously above the head. Bring down both the hands to your head level on either side. The exercise can also be performed while sitting, but the standing posture burns more calories and offers better weight balancing. Apart from burning fat, this exercise is also good for your shoulder and tricep muscles.

Exercise #6 : Chair Dips

Bench Dips

All you need to do this amazing exercise is a chair or a bench. Simply sit on the chair keeping your feet hip-distance apart on ground and your hands on the chair. Move your buttocks off the chair and then up and down, while maintaining feet on ground. Remember that your elbows shouldn't splay outwards. This simple exercise is extremely effective in burning underarm fat and also for building biceps and triceps muscles.

Exercise #7 : Reverse Lunges

Reverse Lunges

These are great for working out your lower body as it helps in building lean muscles and increases your metabolic rate. Include reverse lunges in your exercise regime and burn excess fat effectively. Take care to perform these in clear open space for your safety.

Exercise #8 : Jump Lunges

Jump Lunges

These high intensity exercises hit your lower body and burn large volume of calories. These exercises require very little time to perform and are super efficient in fat burning.

Exercise #9 : Bent-over Rows

Bent-over Rows

The bent-over rows are unbeatable when it comes to building biceps, rear delts and traps. The exercise needs to be performed with adequate safety as an incorrect posture can cause damage to your back. You must always keep your back straight and parallel to the ground while bending your knees.

Exercise #10 : Mountain Climber

Mountain Climber

This core strengthening cardio exercise serves dual purposes. On one hand, it tones up almost all muscle groups of the body including biceps, abs, hamstrings, deltoids. While on the other hand, it's extremely useful for burning fat.

Exercise #11 : Chest Press

Chest Press

This is another exercise that focuses on your upper body and trains your shoulders and triceps in addition to the chest. As the muscles are targeted, your metabolism gets enhanced, thereby burning fat stored inside your body. You should make sure to keep your back grounded in order to avoid injuries to your lower back.

Bonus Video

Here's an interesting video for some additional home exercises that you can choose from... Video Credits: @Bestie


The most important take away from this article for you should be the belief that it's possible to reduce weight without going to a gym. Using the exercises mentioned here in various combinations, you can make your own workout schedule to suit your requirements. Remember that in order to lose weight, healthy diet is also as important as proper and regular exercises.

If you wish to achieve weight reduction, it's very important to keep yourself motivated and disciplined. You can maintain your interest by mixing up different exercises and introducing variations on your daily workout regimen.

Which exercises mentioned above would you practically implement in your routine?