Having passed the most unpredictable quarantine period, we are lucky to welcome 2021 with high spirits. Throughout 2020, the world seems to witness an explosion of brilliant innovative ideas to make the most isolated time. Of course, food fusion ideas are one of them that set some exciting food trends and habits. 2021 is a year of celebration, so why not enjoy it with phenomenal trendy food ideas that the world truly needs. Alright, let’s dive in to learn 10 great food trends to try at home to make your routine food fun.

Food is a language that is understood, respected, and loved by all globally, irrespective of the country or region. From hot Italian pizza to the mouth-watering seafood of New Zealand and the exclusive Asian cuisine, food is the language of love. In this hyper connected life, food is becoming the best way to express yourself, your norms, tradition, and simply your palate. From the reinvention of cheeseburgers to the classy additions in wine tastings, everything is worth enjoying. Here is a list of 10 amazing food trends to make your meals more appealing.

#1. The Burger Experiment for Exciting the Burger Lover in You

Enriched in a wistful aroma and the juicy, flavorful filling with the fluffy brioche bun sitting atop, and the melted cheese dripping, nothing can beat the burger obsession. Ever since the first try, small-sized sliders are an absolute delight for everyone. It’s time to heat your grill with some bizarre topped burgers and fresh veggies.

Interestingly, 2021 is the year to try gourmet burgers. The warm aroma, tender lamb, and a perfect balance of mixes are the secrets that set gourmet burgers apart. So, if you have never tried one, it’s time to stop by a restaurant or enjoy it at home. Besides, adding some new sauces to your regular hamburgers is a great idea. Like the chili-infused honey sauce and the hot sauce, it has got popularity in the food world in the past few months.

Burgers are the ultimate source of pleasure, specifically in some parts of the world. You may find it interesting to know about a unique festival in Pasadena, California (the birthplace of cheeseburgers). They hold an annual cheeseburger festival to celebrate the ultimate burger delight by displaying the latest burger trends. People from all walks of life stop by to appreciate the taste of the burger creations.

#2. Wine Sampling - Feel the Vintage of a Classy Wine Tasting

Have you ever been to wine tastings or heard about that? It’s an amazing vintage event where the participants indulge in tasting, assessing, and judging the quality of high-end wines. Wine sampling or wine tasting has got a perk of popularity, with wine lovers drawn more and more to white and red wines. You might be surprised to see the excitement of people for champagne tastings.

  • High esteem restaurants are especially arranging these wine samplings to develop a sense of liking and assessing premium wine flavors.
  • Wine tasting doesn’t mean that you pay to drink unlimited wine, and of course, it should not be. It means that you pay a reasonable price to taste, learn, and assess wines’ different flavors and origins.
  • Hence, it’s the best way to learn about the different tastes of the wines.

Of course, you get a deep understanding to tell which flavor suits your mood the most. So, for the next time you attend an event with your friends, make an impression by telling them about the specialties and flavors of different wines. Most countries have warmly welcomed the wine tasting trends as the wine bars in many restaurants have wine flight options. However, the prices of different wine tastings vary considerably depending upon the quality and options of the wines presented.

#3. Coconut Oil Reigns as the King of the Oils

People seem to be more self-conscious than ever before, especially during the last year. Similarly, switching to healthy eating habits is always worth making choice. You might be well aware of when olive oil dominated butter and canola oil in the market. But now, there is a powerful upsurge in the market demand for Coconut Oil. Coconut oil and milk have been an ever-green component in many South East Asia’s most famous dishes. But now, you can rightly say that Coconut Oil reigns as the king of oils all over the world.

  • Coconut oil has some miraculous health benefits that make it so popular among people to make it a sensational food trend.
  • Coconut oil enjoys a super-food status as it’s a source of saturated fatty acids, good for health.
  • Regularly using coconut oil boosts brain functions, heart health and helps in weight loss.
  • Amazingly, coconut oil elevates the level of HDL (High Density Lipo-protein) or good cholesterol that minimizes heart disease risk.
  • Besides having exceptionally great antimicrobial effects, coconut oil has pronounced effects in reducing hunger.
  • Similarly, coconut oil helps you burn the stubborn body and belly fats and extra calories every day.

Being easily available in the grocery stores at an affordable price, restaurants are using it as sautéing vegetables. So, coconut oil is an amazing food trend of 2021 that is super healthy, and you must give it a try.

#4. More Game Meats- Healthy new addition to your nutrition

Are you looking for some flavorsome red meat with lean proteins that is delicious to eat and fit for life? Possibly, Bison, elk, and Venison meat are the perfect choices for you then. Apart from being part of rich culture, the love for game meat has shown a boom. It’s nothing unusual to say you might see a cascade of mouth-watering burgers and steaks, specifically made from your favorite game meats.

So, if you are a potential meat lover, here are some ideas that you can use to enjoy the amazing game meat trend.

  • Grilled lemon-garlic elk steaks served with sautéed vegetables
  • Hot and spicy Elk meatloaf
  • Spicy dry rub elk tacos
  • Marinated Venison Steaks
  • Winters special Elk Chili gravy
  • Bison meatballs with barbecue sauce
  • Juicy Bison hamburgers with french fries and cheese curd dip

These are only a few of the most amazing game meat ideas you can use to make your weekends more fun. Besides having a delicious taste, game meat is a gift for health lovers. Verily, game meat is a treasure of lean protein with low fat and cholesterol. Venison has an optimum range of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that make it the healthiest game meat of all. Switch to healthier life trends and make the perfect choice for you and your family.

#5. Popcorn- an increasingly popular snack equally popular among all

From gourmet stores to tuck shops, popcorn have become essential. Popcorn is a great snack to complement your movies or show time, your motivator while studying, and the best snack for any outing picnic. Besides, lightly seasoned popcorn have a good nutritional value due to the whole grain and high fiber content. These are a perfect snack for heart patients, diabetic patients, or the ones with other health issues.

Smart moms prefer to buy unsalted popcorn over chips and cookies for their little heroes. You may find them in the list of the highest selling items in the gourmet stores, general stores, kid’s tuck shops, and raw popcorn in cereal and vegetable aisles. Coconut oil is now used to make fresh and healthy popcorn instead of butter or any other oil. Moreover, popcorn stalls are now one of the fastest-growing businesses in the United States and similarly across the globe.

Popcorn is sold as a snack, but people love sweet popcorn coated with glossy chocolate and caramel. So, if you are always confused about what to have for the evening snacks, fresh oven made popcorn is a great option. May be due to the utmost convenience, popcorn is enjoying the top position in the snacks category.

#6. Hush Dining- A trendy approach to enhance your dining experience

There was a time when food trucks enjoyed being the most popular food trend in the past few years. Food trucks have a remarkable history in the food diaries, especially featuring the West. They are a great option for a business start-up with little investment and magnificent benefits. However, they have been replaced by hush dining, i.e., a new food trend dominating the other competing options.

You may have heard about or gone to a supper club or closed-door restaurants. Generally, they may be located at someone’s house or underground. These small areas are a great place for social interaction with foodies on the go. Nonetheless, being active for years, these dining options don’t have a legal basis in the US and many countries of the world. As always, hush dining is an eminent and peaceful after-hours dinner option for potential food lovers.

Hush dining gets its due popularity due to the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and word of mouth. So, why not just give these small dinner pop-ups a try to experience something unique.

#7. Executive chefs in your grocery stores

As we are talking about unique, new, and yet bizarre trends in the food world, how can we forget about executive chefs actively working closely with the public? Have you ever been to the site where an executive cooing expert is giving valuable suggestions to the visitors? High fame grocery stores are now hiring cooking professionals to promote public interaction and beat the fierce competition in the business sector.

The customers can directly approach the chef and seek assistance in choosing what’s healthy and even what to buy. Besides, they may ask for expert advice about a certain dish or its ingredients. People generally love this idea to meet a chef while shopping and talking about their favorite dishes.

Moreover, you may also see an executive chef arranging cooking classes, increasing the public interaction. Besides, they may occasionally invite sponsors for a special event to learn and try some of their most popular dishes and desserts. So, not only is it fun to perform the duties of a food guide or teacher at the grocery store, but it also has great career opportunities.

#8. Brunch is the most important meal of the weekend.

Weekends are never fun without good family time. The best way to soak up your weekend is to enjoy a luxurious brunch once a week. In this fast and hyper connected life, we are busy to spare some quality time for our family. But thanks to the weekends, that have proved to be a lifesaver for family values and relationships.

Here again, the most important question is how to make your brunch fun and memorable. So, why not just start with having a favorite dish of every family member at the table. It gives a worthy and contented feeling, and you get more time to interact and know others. Nonetheless, the best practice is to involve young children in the brunch prep as your helpers. It creates a feeling of harmony, love, and responsibility in character. Hence, a brunch proves to be a great idea to start an energetic, lovely weekend.

Well, you may also go to your favorite restaurant for brunch or can arrange some family outdoor picnic parties. You can make the menus of your choice, preferably a day before the weekend, to create excitement. Here are some of the brunch ideas that are simply delicious and fun. These may be:

  • Gourmet or French omelets loaded with asparagus and dazzling butter
  • Savory French toasts with fancy riffs atop
  • Super delicious waffles or grilled cheese pancakes with mayo servings
  • Milkshake, fresh juices, or coffee to complement the brunch

#9. Steeping and Eating Tea

Undoubtedly tea is the most popular beverage worldwide, deep-rooted into the cultural values of South Asia. But this amazing drink has made its way to Europe and the new world countries. Tea in any form, either steeping tea or eating tea, is loved and liked by all. Last year, tea consumption only in the United States had doubled and shown a peak in demand. Similarly, Statistics are inspiring for the rest of the world.

  • No longer just a beverage, tea has become an important component in many famous global cuisines. Bergamot or Earl grey tea is a fresh start for an energetic day with additional bodily benefits.
  • Besides, chamomile tea is also used for seasoning and flavoring meat, especially for its aroma on the barbecue.
  • Moreover, it’s interesting to know that tea may be used for flavoring in many exclusive premium delight ice creams.
  • Besides, tea has antioxidants that strengthen your body against oxidative stress and boosts immunity.
  • Green tea, black tea, and mixed spice herbal tea has proven benefits in weight loss.
  • Having less caffeine, tea also lowers the blood pressure levels and energizes you for taking a fresh start to a busy day.

#10. Asian comfort foods

Last but not least in the food trends list is the Asian comfort foods. Sushi and potstickers have the basic origin in Asia but now have become world-famous. Besides, the Western culture is adapting flavors and colors of Asian cuisine to enrich the food world. Hundreds of new recipes are waiting for the potential foodies to give them a try. Why remain restricted to certain usual food habits when you have a great fusion of the East and the West.

Americans are a big fan of the delicious Vietnamese pho. Interestingly, this dish enjoys the status of the most liked exotic dish in America. It is satisfying to see how the food world respects and praises food recipes from all the different regions. Similarly, many famous restaurants have devoted their entire menu to Asian cuisines and specifically soups and curry.


Food is a language of love, and the world truly needs sincere devotion and respect for the food. There is no end in sight to see the spellbinding grace of food that is expanding continuously.


Credits - @Mashed